Something about my labours of love...

I love designing and bringing forth into existence my Bag, Strap, Belt and Armlet ranges. Every aspect of the process is important and fascinating to me.  Some items such as the Nina Crossbody bag with interchangeable straps go back to 2012. It started life as a clutch and morphed into something practical for all the travel I hoped to do. Other designs come and go yet this remains my baby and the most popular design by a mile! 

For Nina I choose beautiful Italian and Australian leathers left over from big design production meant for Europe. Not only for the textures and the crazy prints but trusting best practise in the chain of European and Australian production. The leather pieces are then made by longtime friend and leather guru Brata and his brother in Bali and completed by me in Australia. We have worked together for a decade and support each others livelihood. All my belts, straps (except the imported Leopard Print ), Totes and denim products are made in melbourne by myself. I use solid English and Taiwanese Brass for the bag rings, d-rings and armlets.

The brass and leather armlets are all handsewn by me. I do make leather bracelets too and these, along with other handmade products, will be featured as specials when I have time to make them! 

I hope you love my labours as much as I do and that they bring you practical as well as aesthetic joy. 

Kristina x