Winter has arrived early.


Winter has arrived and with it a new bag in six delicious jewel colours. The launch delayed as most things are these days. It’s okay.  I’m going with the flow per usual as it’s out of my hands. Bang Bang will be available in a couple of days. Super soft sheep suede, completely lined in khaki suede as all Kali bags are. It has a zippered inside pocket, a suede shoulder strap and a 70’s inspired gold chain. 
All the new Nina winter colours are trailing in as they are finished. Really cool colour palette and I’ve finally found some decent thick suede in chocolate, khaki, purple and two tans. There’s also an interesting distressed brown I’ve called cowboy. As always I only buy a few skins in each colour so when it’s finished it finished. If you love any of the new colours I would suggest getting in quick before my wholesale clients 😘😘


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