The Perfect Pink.

Usually I find a leather in a colour I love, I then buy a few skins and make up the bags I think will be appropriate given the texture and colour. I have been looking for a pink. I looked at all shades bearing in mind that the leather needs to be robust yet soft, not too soft.
Having watched what my friends do with their Ninas ie: overstuff, toss on the floor, shove into other bags, swing around their heads and other dubious bag behaviour…the shade of pink was always going to darker. 
I have seen many a pale pink that would have worked beautifully but for aforementioned bad bag behaviour. The risk was too great. 
Today the pink I have chosen, coincidentally lauded yesterday as the pink of the new season…arrives at The Warehouse. I have made it up in Nina and am trialling an Evelyn. I have made some OTT brass chains and a Black chain to go with the Evelyn and if it looks as damn cute as I think it will, I will roll out more. 
I cannot even formulate a word to fully describe how I feel about the coming longer days, the warmer weather and the promise of good times to come. Spring Summer 2022/23 👊🌸💕🌸✌️

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