The new Khaki Croc Print 🖤🖤🖤

 I have found a beautiful thick leather in a greyish khaki colour with a heavy crocodile imprint. As always I’ve only bought a limited amount as I like to keep the product and colour choice fresh, though I may get some more because I love it so much and can feel already that it ticks the boxes for many of my favourite clients. 

It will be a classic neutral for those of us that like an everyday bag to grab on the way out the door without fussing over whether it matches what we are wearing. That can be fun but on a normal day I have enough to think about already.

I have made it into Nina’s thus far and am trialling a new iPad cover and…am bringing back the BIG BAG!!!

Both the iPad cover and the BIG BAG will be made in a few neutral colours including the khaki Croc. I will make it in any colour to order with a two week turnaround. So if you would like a bespoke weekender in a colour you love, this is your chance. I’m still ironing out a few details however photos will be coming soon!.

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