The BIG BAG is back 👊

After years in the wilderness, the BIG BAG is back.

As soon as they lifted the travel ban I was off like a shot. I pulled out my beloved silver BIG BAG, at least 6 years old and as soft and pliable and huge as ever. The beauty of this bag is its squishabilty… I can fit so much in and because it isn’t a hard case or structured it can be shoved into the overhead locker spaces that others cannot.

It also looks so innocently single. “Yes I have only the one bag” I say.  The passport goes in the outside pocket or the zipped inner pocket if you’re feeling jumpy and there are two d rings on the outside of the bag should you wish to attach the crossbody strap and sling it across your body. (Behind the body at the airline counter is best if it’s bulging) 😳🤫

Almost an entire hide is used for this one and I handpick them individually as always for their thickness, texture and colour.  As with all leather they need some love. The occasional massage with any old hand or body cream will keep the leather pliable whilst cleaning it at the same time. 

Mine is scuffed and worn but just as strong and beautiful as the day I made it. 🖤

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