Denim Sunny the amazing Zippered Tote

This beautiful thing is capacious!! 
I love denim and I know I am not alone. We make the bags and then I personalise each bag by treating them myself so that no two are alike.

Everything goes in this bag. It is the less corporate briefcase, it is that big weekender you’ve been looking for. It is the bag that you can toss about, squish into space that a leather tote won’t go…You can roll it up and pack it in your suitcase or better still use it onboard. 😚

Choose from Charcoal or Classic Indigo with whatever of the 5cm Kali range of straps you love. Buy an add on 4cm Kali leather shoulder strap to alternate the look. I love an option and this one has plenty.

There is also the 5cm Kali Range Strap Gangs, 3 straps for $99 so then you would have four colour straps to add colour and variety to your tote. It’s super cute, super practical and super limited. I do not pump these out…all handmade by three of us. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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