Suede, the New Season offerings.

Moving into the new cooler season I am celebrating, at last, my suede collection. I always stock a Nina, Evie and now Leni in suede, usually in shades of chocolate and tan as they are a neutral in my eyes. I wear suede any time of the year and love nothing more than denim, suede and a tshirt. 

As some of you would know my little bag Evie has always been a favourite of mine and though I have made it in many colours I now have distilled that down to just chocolate and tan suede with or without its fringe. Making my bags in the tiny numbers that I do, I no longer try to please everybody, a trait I know most women, especially from my generation can relate to.  

Leni is a much bigger version of Evie and both bag styles have a matching shoulder strap and crossbody strap in suede.  I took the Nina shape and added in a generous panel at the base to create a larger interior whilst retaining the feel of Nina. I dont like bags with loads of zips, shiny accessories and overt branding. Quiet luxury; simple, beautiful, practical design is my inspiration and what I strive for in Kali. Leni is also offered in just the Chocolate or Tan Suede, with or without a beautiful swishy fringe.

Stevie however comes in a riot of muted jewel tones with two metallics for maximum outfit elevation. Made from the softest of sheep suede and leather with my trademark muted brass hardware, it adds a little glamour to my uniform of denim, cotton and silk and with the new solid brass chains comes a distinct Studio 54 vibe. 

Big Bag is available in Chocolate Suede, the ultimate luxury travel bag for a fraction of the cost of well known luxury brands and is availble in Tan Suede to order as is Sunny my beautiful capacious tote with the detacheable Raw Leather Crossbody Strap.  Kali is a bespoke maker and as such you can talk to me about colours and textures you may like to see. 

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