Reworking, Reinventing. Reimagining…SPRING 23

I love Melbourne’s four seasons however by the end of July every year my happy disposition packs its bag and effs off to Europe without me. With less rain in Melbourne than Sydney (absolutely true), it’s not so much the rain but the bone piercing cold and the need for layers of clothing which absolutely drags me down. Being a jeans and T-shirt girl there is nothing more boring that always having to zip, tie and hang multiple items twice and sometimes three times a day. It doesn’t stop me from shopping for said layers and wearing them but a life less complicated is what I think we all crave. 
Having moaned about all that I have just returned from Bali where my two guys and I nutted out the more finished versions of my denim K series, made by me before and during Covid. Because I am not a proficient sewer the samples were super cute but seriously impractical. 
Every piece I make is hand made but clearly a piece made by me versus one made by the two brothers that having been working with leather their entire lives is going to be the better for having their hands on it. 
The website is also getting a makeover. In my quest to ensure you know my product’s handmade provenance I fill every available space with explanations of where it comes from, who makes it and where. It would appear that overall people don’t want to know absolutely everything, so I am doing doing my best to uncomplicate the experience, untangle the options and change up the overall shopping experience whilst briefly letting you know that all except some of the imported straps are made in either Bali or Melbourne by myself, Brata and Budi. As it is me that is in charge of basically every department this too needs to change however it’s hard to delegate your baby to another even though they may well take it somewhere amazing. 
Come on Spring, switch your fragrant, bright light on and let’s go. KKxx

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