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My life this week in emojis…

It was rough.
I built my SHOPIFY website, learning as I went, buoyed along by the knowledge that I would have full control over it. I would not need to plan ahead for appointments with a website designer to change a photo or a price. 
I connected instagram to it years ago and slowly built a small but beautiful community that understood my boutique brand of handmade bags, jewellery and the odd one off pieces, designed and made both by me and two craftsmen of 12 years. I rarely interacted with FB anymore and then of course they bought instagram. UGH…. All of a sudden the shop component of instagram no longer reflected the orderliness of my website with random out of stock products being highlighted and other stock labelled as out of stock when very much in stock.

This week I tried to interact with the beast that is the METAVERSE. I could not for the life of me find the elusive dude named “Commerce Manager” and was being sent around and around in circles logging in and out of Insta and FB. The metaverse decided I was either a hacker or a fruitcake and locked me out. I got the message that it had confirmed it was indeed me the fruitcake and said that I would be reinstated within 48 hours…but I wasn’t, still four days after, nada, niet, crickets. 

I’ve covered all the emotions in those four days finally flopping down into the comfy chair that is resignation and surrender. I gave up. I set up a new insta account however the Metaverse must have heard my filthy language, creative curses and generally not very nice attitude thrown in their general direction and decided that ooops…links would not work, chat was having issues, emails would not send. Aaaagh

All through this, lovely SHOPIFY people have been emailing me, sending links and giving advice, if only any of it was relevant to the problems I was having!! Bless them and I sincerely thank them  firstly for having a channel that I can easily find a way to email them, though chat would have so much simpler and we might have had more chance to be on the same page separated as we were by full days between replies. Secondly for replying and thirdly for replying again after my frustrations spilled over to shortness on my end. 

I guess the good thing that has come out of this is that I finally found the bloody Commerce Manager… not that any of the links are linking and all the parties are still resolutely not speaking, but I’ve tackled my way to the base camp and can start to at least curate the crappy FB shop and through that, the insta shop. I understand that FB wanted the far more relevant Insta however why oh why drag us out of a perfectly working relationship and direct contact with SHOPIFY and pull us instead through the Dante’s Inferno that is the Meta Business Experience. 

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