Mid-Winter sunshine and musings.

I can forgive any cloudy day if the sun so much as peeks through. Today in mid winter we have full sun, rising slowly, dissipating the freeze of the night and making the remaining dew on the trees and windows glitter and dance. 
I am a confirmed “half glass full” type,  this gift of a morning is enough to propel me into action.

In my life there is always too much to do and today is no exception. I’m an ideas person and terrible at delegating. I have new bag samples and a whole new jewellery range to make decisions about. I have designs, paintings and sketches for two projects on the go. I’m mid move…both literally and metaphorically and have had my head down, bum up for so long I’m worried I’ll soon be sprouting spectacular feathers.

Regardless, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like feeling I have the world at my feet, I like having that feeling that endless options lay ahead of me, though traditional recorded lifespans would not concur. Meanwhile my lovely mum worries I’ll end up in a caravan in the bush. That wouldn’t be a disaster either…a fridge, a sketch pad, birdsong for days.

It’s how we view our lives, not how others view it that will sustain us or bury us. My opinion is what matters to me and I can see clearly that others expectations and opinions of me are none of my business if this life, my only one, is to be a valid experience. 

It’s not perfect but it’s mine 🌞

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