Groundhog Day. My take on this extraordinary movie.

I love the movie Groundhog Day. So much more than a great film, it is incredibly esoteric. It is yet another attempt to explain that singular conclusion and subsequent message from all the great mystics from Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths, and that of Quantam Physicists as well.  This universe is a closed circuit. Nothing is new. Everything that ever was or will be is here now. 

In Groundhog Day our protagonist is a complete narcissist. He acts out of selfishness, self pity and anger. He wakes one morning after the previous days appalling behaviour and finds he is stuck in a loop that will repeat every morning henceforth. Everything is the same, every morning. 

When he first realises that he can change aspects of this new day, that everyone else is unaware of the neverending loop and the possibilty of the power that brings, he wholeheartedly tries to manipulate life. This is the first step and is universally rejected by everything outside of himself. It’s not until he begins to look inward and begins to change himself, to act selflessly and out of love that things start to change. Only once he changes, (the only one he can change), does his experience then change.

It’s not until his world view changes that his world experience changes. 
This is a closed circuit, we need to work within that idea and understand that whatever we put out is what we get. We are not billions of separate cells as it were. We are completely connected, part of a massive mutable super cell that includes absolutely everything in this universe. 

It’s the uniquely human frontal lobe that complicates what should be a seamless coexistence. If we keep this forefront in our minds (pun intended) our small selves could step aside and our big selves would have amazing lives and experiences. Echoed thereon like the proverbial ripples in a body of water ever outwards. 

We choose how to see the world, we can flick a switch in our frontal lobe and see and feel differently about anything. In a second we can choose to be ecstatic or devastated. I have read so much over the years, listened to every type of religious and secular explanation, and the word “simple” appears again and again. I understand now, the answer is “simple” it’s the application that is not. Hence Groundhog Day.

My Groundhog Day comes and goes and this morning I remind myself again. This is my doing and only I can can change my experience. 

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