Blindingly Bright and Beautiful

Like a magpie, when something catches my eye I swoop. 

I buy the excess leather stock designers from Europe, Australasia and Indonesia cannot use. There are a few reasons why I do not design my own runs of colour. The first being the sheer numbers involved. When I started making leather bags I was advised that in order to design my own colours a minimum of 1000 skins was required, clearly out of the question for someone trying to find their feet in a new area. However having been directed to companies who dealt with all this excess stock I was amazed at the quality, variety and colours available. 

The only real drawback is when I fall in love with a colour I need to commit far more than my natural bent would allow. Buying ten or twenty skins at a time having been caught out before only buying a few of something spectacular to have someone else swoop in and buy the rest whilst I was testing the market for the colour. As a very boutique, hands on maker, this is the conundrum… committing capital to something that may sit about twiddling it’s thumbs until vogue says yes…literally.  I buy what I love when I see it, however a lot of brands really embrace the true nature of fashion which is the rollercoaster, Colours come in, out, return slightly brighter, slightly darker. 

My natural style and bent towards earthy tones has its loyal followers however even they love a bit of frivolity and bling as do I. I can’t help but buy a good silver when I see one. Hence I now have four. I suffer the same problem with gold…This is not the normal practice of a fashion brand. The normal practice would be to stick to their tans and blacks, the neutrals, and throw out a few seasonal darlings. But not me…like the aforementioned magpie I cannot help myself, seasons be damned, if I feel like wearing Fuschia in the middle of winter I have it in stock. Like minded souls find me. 

and so to the brights. I found a supplier of Fluoro strapping locally. It is in fact seatbelt strapping therefore it is super strong, washable and I can make it in any colour I like in Melbourne and I’m really liking the Fluoro especially for this summer. I always have it as I love it for winter with my tweed jackets too. I’m clearly not a stickler for a season. It’s more a mood within that season, and being a Melbourne girl I have lots of seasons and moods within seasons especially around the transition from autumn to winter and winter to spring. “This too shall pass” being my mantra. 

So checkout my range of Melbourne made single colour straps in three different widths and my huge range of fun and colourful imports. I think I have everyone covered. ♥️

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